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    Our factory also produces Lead crystal battery, front terminal battery, solar battery, ups battery, caravan battery, golf cart battery, and OPZV&OPZS battery
  • <p>Design Capability</p>

    Design Capability

    Our factory can design capacity, weight, shell color, brand printing, and carton content according to your requirements.

  • <p>Meet Requirements</p>

    Meet Requirements

    We guarantee that all batteries with sufficient capacity will be produced according to the customer's usage and meet his usage requirements.

  • <p>Surveillance Test</p>

    Surveillance Test

    The production of batteries is coordinated by machines and manpower to ensure the consistency of batteries, and personnel supervise and test every step.

  • <p>Production Process</p>

    Production Process

    We have a complete and efficient production process, precise and strict testing methods, and perfect after-sales service tracking.


 In addition to the lead acid battery, Zule lead acid battery manufacturer also produces gel batteries, Lead crystal batteries, front terminal batteries, solar batteries, ups batteries,

caravan batteries, golf cart batteries, and OPZV&OPZS batteries. Products include 2V, 4V, 6V, and 12V four series with more than 1,000 capacity models, from 0.5ah to 3000 AH. 

Welcome contact Zule Battery, the professional lead acid battery manufacturer & supplier in China, for any requirement.


With the increase of customer groups, ZULE lead acid battery manufacturer continuously increases equipment and expands production capacity, striving to meet customers' delivery

time and quality requirements. In addition to OEM and ODM services, ZULE lead acid battery supplier also provides the scheme design of solar energy storage system

and backup power supply system. A professional technical team, high-quality battery products, all-around product services,

and customized system solutions meet the diversified needs of global customers!

  • 1. Stacking plates by machine
    1. Stacking plates by machine
    Here is our automatic machine stacking workshop, which is more efficient and better quality than manual stacking, because the machine has high requirements for the plates and AGM spacers, which must be of the same thickness and same size, otherwise they will jam the machine. Therefore, the board sets stacked by the machine are very neat and the internal resistance and voltage of the produced cells are very consistent.
  • 2. Wrapped polar plate Group
    2. Wrapped polar plate Group
    Machine-wrapped pole plate will be stacked on the shelf, different models well marked, so that it is convenient to weld later when loaded into the corresponding pool shell. One by one, the pole groups are very neat and consistent.
  • 3. Inserting assembling box
    3. Inserting assembling box
    After the plate wrapping machine wraps the plate group, we will put the plate group into the corresponding molded iron box and pull it tight to ensure the proper internal pressure of the battery.
  • 4. Fixing comb to clamp plates and the lead parts
    4. Fixing comb to clamp plates and the lead parts
    Fixing comb to clamp plates, and fixing the lead parts. Lead parts are machined from No. 1 lead.
  • 5. Welding plates
    5. Welding plates
    All batteries must be purchased No. 1 new lead welding so that the lead-acid battery made out of it has better cycling ability and very low self-discharge.
  • 6. Removing comb
    6. Removing comb
    Remove the comb plate and give the welded pole set to the next process
  • 7. Repairing the plates group and Inserting
    7. Repairing the plates group and Inserting
    First check the pole group for excess lead slag, repair it if there is any, and put the welded pole group into the battery box
  • 8. Cell connection
    8. Cell connection
    Check to see if there is any excess lead slag, and then solder up every single cell of the 2V pole group to become 12V.
  • 9. Adjusting cover
    9. Adjusting cover
    We want to ensure that the upper and lower battery covers must be tightly closed and sealed, so you need to adjust the teaching cover a little until it fits.
  • 10. Short circuit test
    10. Short circuit test
    This process is especially important because we need to pick out the excess lead slag, and after adjusting the cover, each cell is tested by a short-circuit testing instrument to ensure that there is no short circuit in each cell.
  • 11. Filling epoxy to adhere to cover by machine
    11. Filling epoxy to adhere to cover by machine
    We use the machine to automatically and accurately drip glue, so that the battery cover will not spill glue and less glue, to ensure the battery seal and clean appearance.
  • 12. Sealing cover & container
    12. Sealing cover & container
    Must use the matching battery top cover to precisely seal the top and bottom of the battery so that the battery will not leak and the liquid will not leak when adding acid.
  • 13. Arranging batteries
    13. Arranging batteries
    After the battery center cover is dried through the drying oven, each battery is reversed .
  • 14. Soldering terminal
    14. Soldering terminal
    After the battery center cover is dried through the drying oven, each battery is reversed and soldered with copper terminals, lead terminals, or wires according to the customer's requirements.
  • 15. Twice filled with epoxy to seal the terminals
    15. Twice filled with epoxy to seal the terminals
    After welding the terminals, the positive and negative terminals of the battery should be dripped with bottom glue, and after drying, the positive terminal should be dripped with red glue and the negative terminal with black glue. After two drops of glue, the battery can reduce the possibility of acid leakage from the terminals.
  • 16. Leakage test and Filling acid
    16. Leakage test and Filling acid
    After the color glue dries, we will quantitatively use the vacuum acid machine to add cold acid to the battery. If the customer needs a gel battery, we will mix the gel and acid first and then add it directly to the battery through the acid machine. For each battery, we have to set the acid pot, to prevent the charging process of less acid.
  • 17. Battery charging
    17. Battery charging
    Batteries are soaked in circulating water to cool down, connected to a computer-controlled charger, cycle charge, and discharged 48-72 hours to ensure that the battery is fully charged.
  • 18. high current test
    18. high current test
    After the batteries are charged, they all go through a high-current testing machine to ensure that there are no micro-shorts, no false welds and that the voltages are all within the normal range.
  • 19. Test internal resistance and voltage
    19. Test internal resistance and voltage
    After the battery is on the packaging line, each one should be tested with a tester for internal resistance and voltage to ensure that the same batch of batteries is consistent, and those that are too high or too low should be picked out and repaired.
  • 20. Funtional test
    20. Funtional test
    After the battery is charged, we will draw some batteries to the testing room to do capacity, cycle capacity, and other tests, and when the test is completed, there will be a detailed report.
  • 21. packing
    21. packing
    After double testing, the battery will be packaged, first, the excess acid is pumped out, wipe the battery clean, cover the safety valve and top cover seal, print the date code and screen printing according to customer requirements, and finally, the carton is loaded and palletized.
  • 22. Container shipment
    22. Container shipment
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