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Recently, one kind of battery is welcomed by customers from Juli New Energy factory. There is, the lead crystal battery. In this article, we will make a discussion of the features, benefits and applications of lead crystal batteries. Certainly,  ZULE lead crystal battery manufacturer will show you some hot sale batteries by the end.


What is A Lead Crystal Battery?


Lead crystal battery is a kind of long-life battery. It is a high-performance maintenance-free valve-regulated sealed battery whose electrolyte contains a variety of compound salts. Its structure presents the characteristics of crystal granular solidification. 


As a kinds of environmental-friendly batteries, lead crystal battery fundamentally solves the shortcomings of lead-acid batteries, such as, leakage, pollution of the environment, inability to charge quickly, and low lifespan, and meets the requirements for the use and environmental protection of existing electrical equipment and vehicles. Revolutionary breakthrough. The lead crystal battery adopts a proprietary technology. The technology and production process are the first at home and abroad. There is no pollution in the process of production, use and waste recycling. It is an environmentally friendly product that meets the strategic goal of sustainable development.


Characteristics of lead crystal batteries:


1. Obtained a number of environmental quality certification. It is not dangerous, explosive, oxidizing, corrosive, or radioactive.

2. Environmental protection. Not only the electrolyte is made of environmentally friendly materials, but also the lead crystal battery plate is made of a special mercury-free and cadmium-free lead-calcium-tin alloy plate. The overall environmental protection performance of the entire storage battery is improved, and the pollution to the environment is minimized.

3. Low-temperature-resistant. Lead crystal batteries are applicable to a wide range of environments. Due to the improvement of the electrolyte, compared with the traditional mixed electrolyte of sulfuric acid and distilled water, the impact of the lead crystal electrolyte on the environment is greatly reduced, and the performance of the crystal electrolyte is more stable. It is suitable for temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees to 60 degrees. , and an altitude of 6,000 meters above sea level. 80% can be discharged at minus 20 degrees.

4. Long service life for over 10 years. Due to the reform of the electrolyte, the lead crystal electrolyte can recover 100% from multiple deep discharges, making the number of deep cycles reach 700 times, especially in solar photovoltaic systems.


Lead crystal electrolyte features:


1. Improve battery life: The active material is firmly fixed, and sufficient space is provided for the movement of ions, which effectively overcomes the disadvantages of lead-acid battery plate sulfation and active material falling off. Guarantee the good use of the battery for a long time.

2. Environmental protection: the crystalline composite electrolyte is a silicate composite crystal, the acidity and alkalinity are neutral, no pollution to the environment, and the impact on the environment during production, use, and recycling is minimized, especially in the charging process without generating acid steam. There will be no leakage during use.

3. Low temperature resistance: Since the electrolyte is a crystalline structure, the electrolyte is less affected by the environment, so the battery can work normally in a low temperature environment of minus 40 degrees.


Lead Crystal Battery Applications


Lead crystal batteries have successfully solved the problems that have plagued the battery industry for more than 100 years, such as, large environmental pollution, short service life, low energy density, and poor extreme weather resistance of traditional batteries, which can be normally used in the temperature range from -40 to +65 degrees. Widely used in wind energy storage, UPS power supply, electric power station, railway locomotive, information communication, weather radar, electric vehicle and other fields.


Lead Crystal Battery For Sale - Juli New Energy


Foshan Juli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the production of lead-acid battery, Lead crystal battery, and gel battery, providing design services for various battery application systems. As time went by, the deep cycle battery has evolved into lead crystal battery, which Juli New Energy provide you today, and we has "ZULE" brand, whose batteries have passed CE, FCC, RoHS. There are some hot sale lead crystal batteries as belows:


ZULE lead crystal Battery 12V100Ah RV battery UPS Battery

ZULE lead crystal battery RV Battery 12V100Ah recharge battery full capacity

ZULE RV battery 12V100Ah AGM battery lead crystal battery

Customized ZULE lead acid battery 12V200Ah Deep Cycle Battery factory manufacturers


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