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UPS Battery


UPS battery is a professional lead-acid battery used in backup power supply, also called VRLA battery. because the battery needs AGM separator, some customers call AGM battery. Products include 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V four series more than 1,000 capacity models, capacity from 0.5ah to 3000 AH. UPS batteries are widely used in uninterruptible power supply, fire emergency system, DC screen, backup power supply, electric toys, electric tools, electronic scales, electric rolling doors, solar street lamps, solar energy storage power station systems, aerial platform applications, golf cart, etc. According to your requirements,  Zule ups battery suppliers can help you work out a system plan and suggest how big a battery you should use. We have many types of batteries in stock to meet your urgent delivery time! We produce batteries with the best A-grade positive and negative plates, AGM separators and the thickest shell, and produce batteries with sufficient capacity to customers, so as to ensure that every penny gets the goods and meet customers' requirements. We can also design your brand packaging, shells of different colors, different capacities and weights according to your requirements to meet your OEM needs.


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